Linda’s poem

This is a poem Linda composed for a Christmas Eve family night in 2001.

God’s Gifts


One Wednesday in June 52,

A beautiful baby came through

She was 11 lbs plus

With a cheeky blush

And dimples that made her look

Like her Tatay whose face she took.

She was all that her parents had hoped for

Healthy, happy, and much more,

Calm, content, and giggly

But enough about me already…

You wish.

She made her Nanay and Tatay glad

For a 5th child, they thought, not bad.

As for the family she joined, let’s see…

A Tisoy named Ken

A Nativa called Baby

Another Tisay called Marilou

Another Nativo called Boy.

No rhymes there,

But I’m no poet, so whatever…

A tie breaker – that’s what was needed

And whaddaya know, the great race succeeded.

The pattern was for a Tisay

But instead, from Nanay’s pink blossom, out came a Bisay.

Oo nga, Nativa,

Pero cute naman, diva?

In the last 49 years she:

·Went to the same school from Kindy to High School

·At 13, thought of becoming a nun, but instead became a drummer

·At 16, spent 364 days Down Under

·Married an Air Force Lieutenant at 21

·Laboured 18 hours for Kitinn

·Bent over for Kris

·Spent 728 days in New York for an MBA

·Defied a Dictator at 33

·Moved the family bar one, to Sydney at 36

·Got divorced at 41

·At 44, managed to “score” a tall, handsome and dashing ironing man

·Lived a colourful life – first Pula, then Puti

·Was constantly thankful for all her blessings

She lived by few rules:

  • Trust your children, so they’ll feel guilty enough to be trustworthy
  • Be generous, show kindness and respect everyone – they’re good investments for future relationships
  • Be humble and don’t be assuming, people are suckers for it
  • Be thankful for small mercies

Come to think of it, if I didn’t live the life I had:

·this, now, would not happen

·Nestor would’ve missed out on a Goddess (sabi ni Kitinn)

·There wouldn’t be a Kriscia and Carlo, and no wedding in May

·I would never have known a Stuart, Jo, Evan, a Margaret called Peg, Wal, Gloria, Tim, Carol, Michelle and Andrew in one go

·Chelsea would not be fat, but will probably be a promdi up to now (or possibly live in the North Shore – who knows)

·Ken and Joy would probably never spend holidays in Davao

·Pharenhyte wouldn’t exist

·Freestyle to me would just be another band, and Bolix a brand of motor oil- just as sticky

·Greg would never have known that boiled rice is good, with chicken, and egg, and dried fish, and salad, pretty much anything vaguely edible

·He would also have missed out on bagoong, Digos bibingka, balut or Nestor’s paella

·As importantly, I wouldn’t have a Sony DCRPC100 digital camcorder with more than 1 million pixels and a Carl Zeiss lens

Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it!

But enough about me, and my wit.

We are all special:

·At home, At work,

·In Rome, Or New York

·Sa labas,

·On the bus

·Sa Rocks

·O sa boondocks

·On the train

·In the main.

·In Berala or Matina,

·Especially sa Kusina

·Etc etc etc

·Yada yada yada

My time is up, but before I go

I want you all to know

That no matter how humble and modest I am,
I’m still your team leader, ahem.

All I want now is your undivided attention,

So I can proudly and happily declare my innermost intentions

That you 5 are my most prized assets, and I love you to bits,
Thank you, God’s gifts to me, for this.

But wait, there’s more
It wouldn’t be Christmas unless I mentioned Rolex
With no rhyme or reason required.

Yun lang. (Bow)

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