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Linda joined the National Computer Center (NCC) in 1975, and was later granted a scholarship to New York University in 1981. She spent two years there, and graduated with an MBA in 1983.

She has great memories of NCC, and still keeps in touch with many of her colleagues, some of them now living in Australia.

After EDSA, Linda felt unable to return to NCC for reasons she can elaborate on in private. In the euphoric period following EDSA she was offered a number of other jobs and accepted one with Philippine Airlines. Not long after, she took on a secondment to Orient Airlines Association (OAA).

With OAA she attended conferences around the world, and it was at one of these she met Mike Penfold, who was later to offer her a position at Qantas. With more coups looming in the Philippines, the timing was opportune, so Linda accepted the position and arrived in Australia in 1988 to work for Qantas as a Senior Systems Analyst. She is now a Lead Methods Architect.

(Update: Linda retired from Qantas in 2009.)

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