Marriage to Red Kapunan

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Linda married Eduardo (Red) Kapunan on 29th of December 1973 in Davao. At the time Red was a 2nd Lieutenant helicopter pilot with the Philippine Air Force. They set up home in the war zone of Cotabato and later in Manila at Villamor Air Base and then Camp Aguinaldo.

Unfortunately I couldn’t include any wedding photos as the albums are in Davao. I hope to add some at a later date.

Linda and Red had two children, Khristinn and Kriscia. See the family tree for more details.

Being an air force wife, it seemed natural that Linda should learn parachuting. This she did, and made two successful (redundant?) jumps.

Red Kapunan was one of the principal figures in the 1985 coup attempt against the Marcos Administration and the 1986,1987, and 1989 coup attempts against the Aquino administration. He spent time under house arrest then later went into hiding, leading to Linda and Red’s decision to move to Australia with the children in 1988.

They were divorced in 1993.

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